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Conversation AI

Premium chatbots for digital communication

What are our customers’ biggest business challenges?

Chatbots and voice assistants for your internal and external communication

Conversational AI bundled on one platform makes for pleasant administration.

Control-oriented total solution with a proven technology

Dialog-supported user communication via a platform

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Administration interface


Create the conversation and content that’s right for your business. You always have the possibility to flexibly adapt them to situations and changes. With the additional development environment you can pre-plan this and then easily sync it with the Intent Management Interface.

Handover to the human

Get notified when a dissatisfied customer is in the chat or an inquiry is going the wrong way. You decide when you want to have automated conversations or when you want to intervene manually, which is possible at any time.

Practice and

The overview of the key figures and data is always available and can be improved with the appropriate training of the agents.

You have the choice to integrate the best channels

Decisive options

Third-party tools

With integration possibilities for example of Google Translate or Google Vision, Chatbase for data analysis and many other tools you can constantly expand your system.

Natural language processing engine

You decide which NLP service you want to use for your project. Of course, this can be flexibly replaced in the future.


You can supplement your infrastructure with business processes that you need


The ability to use toolkits and interfaces (APIs) flexibly allows you to adapt your existing systems to new needs.

Systems integration

You have the ability to add and connect your agents with cloud services and enterprise software (for example, Salesforce and SAP).

More than 50 renowned companies trust in the technology platform.

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